06/03/2020 - Perugia

Noble Collegio del Cambio, Audience Hall

The Nobile Collegio del Cambio commissioned Archimede Arte to digitize the frescoes by Perugino. The activities entrusted to Archimede Arte, a division of Archimede S.r.l., will be carried out for the preventive and planned conservation of the artistic assets of the Nobile Collegio del Cambio.

The assignment of the laser scanner, photogrammetric and thermographic survey services of the Nobile Collegio del Cambio to Archimede Arte was motivated by the great experience of the Perugian company, by the quality of the services rendered to very important entities that own goods of unparalleled artistic value, such as for example the Vatican Museums, as well as the professionalism, reliability and seriousness of the company recognized in many years of activity.

Archimede will make laser scanner tools and other highly professional technologies available to the Nobile Collegio del Cambio to be able to detect the artistic properties with a precision greater than the millimeter pixel. Furthermore, graphic post-processing software will be used that allow extremely detailed three-dimensional representations in the quality of detail, easily exportable and usable on management platforms.
The services made available by Archimede Arte will make it possible to create very high definition digital models of the artistic assets of great value owned by the Nobile Collegio del Cambio, including the masterpieces that make up the cycle of frescoes created by Pietro Vannucci called il Perugino between 1498 and 1500, one of the greatest pictorial artistic expressions of Italy at the end of the fifteenth century.

The reliefs will first of all guarantee the safeguarding of the selected assets through their digitization and the possibility of knowing all the most meticulous aspects . The activities of artistic importance will support an objective of programmed conservation in the medium and long term of the architectural works (walls, ceilings, vaults and floors) through digital control tools. The data resulting from these analyzes will be able to support advanced planning of interventions aimed at reducing the risks affecting the structural integrity of assets of immense value, such as those of the Noble Collegio del Cambio.

Furthermore, with the thermographic surveys provided for in the he service contract, co-financed by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia, it will be possible to verify the situation of the frescoes and the vault frescoed by Perugino.


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