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Immerisive and multisensory events



Art is an extraordinary vehicle to tell, with immersive and multisensory experiences, the stories of the excellences linked to the territory, nature, local products of our regions.


ODEON is an innovative format that allows visitors to immerse themselves in artworks through an unprecedented sensory involvement. Faithful itinerant digital reproductions of artworks, designed on specific artistic subject, provide the opportunity to attract new visitors.
Based on this principle, Archimede Arte offers ODEON, an original exhibition format that uses digital reproductions of artworks, halls of historic buildings, enriched with multisensory effects, as a unique exhibition container.

Thanks to the experience gained with the "Sistina Experience" concept and the quality of its digital surveys, Archimede Arte is capable to create true faithful reproductions, life-size (or, if necessary, scaled) of environments of great artistic value, otherwise difficult to access, in which to organize multisensory events for the promotion of companies' products and services. "... and quality .."
Companies can use these reproductions to host internal events or promotional events with customers, inside or outside fair contexts, taking the opportunity to associate their own brand with those feelings of uniqueness and lasting beauty that the masterpieces of Italian Art are able to convey.


A format created for the promotion of art

Any fresco, room, monumental place or great masterpiece can be faithfully reproduced in any location and international context, thus offering endless opportunities for knowledge or study, stimulating in any case the desire to visit the original.

Specific collaborations with experts, academics and universities will allow to enhance and extend the contributions for each setting and will always provide the audience with new and engaging cognitive experiences.

Finally, the ODEON format is a new way to develop partnerships with other museums, organizations or foundations, thanks to the possibility of bringing reproductin of their masterpieces with less risk, lower costs and unchanged realism

In addition to the ODEON format, Archimede Arte promotes, directly or in collaboration with local authorities and territorial associations, cultural and experiential events.
It is also available for coordination and ancillary activities, planning initiatives which put together the initiatives of other local authorities, associations, and private entities.


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