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GVAM - Guide Interattive

Archimede Arte offre soluzioni e progetti su misura per ogni interlocutore grazie alla partnership in esclusiva per l'Italia con GVAM, leader mondiale nei servizi di audioguida e guide intelligenti. 



Used by millions of visitors every year, this service, based on the GVAM platform, allows museums and institutions to establish a new, modern and complete relationship with visitors.


Using their own device (BYOD) or a device rented from the Museum, the visitor can:

Discover the collections and the building in an individual or group experience;

Access traditional audio content as well as multimedia and interactive;

Personalize your visit and purchase additional services, allowing the museum to improve its knowledge of visitors .

The interactive guide is an element of a broader system, which can be integrated with the museum's IT ecosystem: for example, thanks to a data acquisition and behavioral analysis system, it is possible to characterize visitors and plan better proposals and communication campaigns

Municipalities and local authorities can use the information and usage data and make real-time promotions based on the tourist profile, connecting museum visits with other leisure, shopping, hospitality and accommodation services.

We are also able to implement participation and planning systems for visits, both for families and school groups, who learn by playing with the stories that museums and palaces can tell. 

After the health crisis, monitoring and information solutions were added that allow the institution to have greater control of the situation and to acquire information in real time, making it possible for tourists to have a safer visiting experience. 


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06132 Perugia (PG)

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