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Archimede Arte

Leader in 3D digitization of cultural heritage, with our knowledge and technologies we help museums, private, public, or religious bodies, galleries and collectors to bring art out of the places where it is strictly guarded to bring it among people and into companies, to make it alive, touchable, used, immersive, and through which to communicate.





Archimede has been offering cutting-edge IT solutions since 1993 - always guided by the idea of technology as a tool to improve the life of people and companies - and with a strong vocation for innovation.

Archimede has been one of the first Italian companies to deal with software development in the Microsoft Windows environment (1993) and the first ever to deal with voice recognition technology (1995); Archimede created an integrated application suite for the operational management of shift staff - which has become a market leader - and a practical and complete management software solution for offices and law firms (both activities were sold between 2018 and 2019 to focus on Archimede Arte).

Convinced of the strength that comes from the union of skills, today Archimede is completely focused on the management of art, from the digitization and cataloging of all types of artworks to cultural events, from promotional events for companies through art to training. All this was born on the momentum of an epochal project which was the digitization of the assets and buildings of the Vatican Museums.


Office: Via Manzoni, 82
06135 Perugia (PG)

Tel.: +39 (0)75 60 70 111
VAT 01992020543